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Announcing New Ownership

Shane Douglas Cory is a third generation pilot; and second generation owner of one of the first commercial Hot Air Balloon Companies to emerge in Arizona in the mid 70’s.

Shane’s parents, Phillip & Angelica Cory, both commercial pilots, had their first hot air balloon “adventure” in 1973. Launching the Great Pumpkin, a New Mexico owned hot air balloon, in the desert behind their Mesa, AZ residence began a serendipitous journey that would later evolve into a family legacy. In 1974 Douglas Cory of Flagstaff, AZ was the first member of the Cory family and one of the first people in the State of Arizona to actually purchase a Hot Air Balloon. He is now the current owner of Northern Lights Balloon Expeditions of Sedona, Arizona.

Once Phil & Angelica Cory were struck with the magic of the sport they bought their first corporate hot air balloon “The Cory Bubble”, [Cory Gasoline Stations, Inc.], which arrived on the day of Shane’s birth in 1976. Shane was initiated with his first hot air balloon ride at the age of 2 weeks old; therein beginning a legacy that would expand 2 generations with a perfect safety record in the State of Arizona.

Cory Bubble Balloons, piloted by Phillip Cory followed in his brother’s footsteps as one of the first commercial hot air balloon ride companies in Arizona, flying thousands of passengers and training dozens of today’s current pilots. Cory Bubble Balloons specialized in exclusive balloon flights for VIP’s, CEO’s and Hollywood celebrities. Highly regarded as a renowned commercial balloon pilot, Phillip Cory was also offered numerous corporate advertising contracts; a couple of the more recognizable feats was contracting to fly the KNIX hot air balloon, KDKB hot air balloon, & the Toyota hot air balloon.

At the young age of eighteen (18), Shane Douglas Cory, a seasoned balloonist by this time, began his ‘lighter-than-air’ pilot training. By age twenty-three (23), Shane had secured his commercial pilots certificate and began flying as a hired pilot for Cory Bubble Ballooning and several other local companies. In year 2000, Shane took ownership of Cory Bubble Ballooning, now doing business as Aerogelic Ballooning, in 2003 becoming a partner of Aerial Marketing L.L.C. as the beginning of a new legacy of the Cory family of special shapes, and corporate ballooning. Having already flown The Little Bees, and the American Eagle balloon all over the world, including thirteen states in the U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand.

Now with over 20 years experience as a pilot of all facets of the sport hot air Ballooning Shane will be bringing that knowledge to the table. While building the best designed hot air balloons in the current market place he will use 20 years of practical knowledge to the engineering, and designing table.

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