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The FANTASY "F-TYPE" is a unique envelope design. What makes it unique? First of all there are substantially more seams in our envelope, at least 1,500 feet more than our competitor's most expensive models. There are 20 vertical seams, 20 vertical load tapes and 17-20 horizontal seams (depending upon the size of the envelope). All seams are double felled and double lock stitched. The largest open expanse of fabric in our envelopes is 53" x 61", not much room for a tear to propagate.

The gores are slightly bulbous and flexible keeping fabric stress to a minimum, yet smooth enough to allow the application of large and effective artwork. The parachute style deflation system with mechanical advantage for ease of operation is standard on all FANTASY envelopes.

The F-TYPE envelope, exclusive to FANTASY is available in six sizes. FANTASY SIX (56,000 cu. ft.), FANTASY SEVEN-65 (65,000 cu. ft.), FANTASY SEVEN-77 (77,000 cu. ft.), FANTASY EIGHT-90 (90,000 cu .ft.), FANTASY EIGHT-105 (105,000 cu. ft.) and FANTASY NINE-122 (122,000 cu. ft.). All envelopes are complete with a nylon skirt with bottom reinforcement and a weather resistant storage bag. Optional Nomex base panels and scoop are also available. S.T.C.'s (Supplemental Type Certificates) are in place for the use of our envelopes over the baskets of most other manufacturers.

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